Brightwell Aquatics Bacstartxlm2l Nitrifying Bacteria Microbacterstart Rapidly Establi 15x


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Brightwell Aquatics BACSTARTXLM2L Nitrifying Bacteria Microbacterstart Rapidly Establi 15X
Bacstartxlm2l Brightwell Aquatics Microbacterstart Xlm

The advent of artificial live rock has made available products from concrete or plastic that look like rock, but do not have porosity, so their surface area is too small to support number bacteria needed properly filter aquarium. 62 pounds item model number : BACSTARTXLM2L date first available December 4, 2019 manufacturer BRIGHTWELL AQUATICS best sellers rank: 16, 490 in pet supplies see top 100% aquarium water treatments 161 customer reviews: 4. 2 ml of product for every gallon aquarium capacity. There are no dry bacteria species that will be compatible with this nitrifying product or useful to cycle an aquarium.

To use a dry bacteria will only lengthen the time it takes cycle by many weeks and increase your work 6/8 times. Dry sand is fine to use, but not bagged, so called live. Please check the other items I have for sale. Useful for rapidly re-establishing nitrification bacteria in case of an emergency.

Prevents new tank syndrome. 30 day money back return policy items ship within hours product description size:2-l microbacter-startxlm 15x creates a nitrifying biological filter in marine brackish Aquarius of all types and is particularly useful for new start ups, resulting cycling about 5 to 7 days most cases. Ammonia, and nitrite in marine brackish ecosystems, leading to greatly improved water quality much faster cycling. Bright well recommends the tap water be filtered by reverse osmosis with post ionization and that you change your carbon filter regularly.

Supplied in a proprietary base which provides for maximum longevity. This is due to the bacteria themselves and an indication of quality reason it necessary shake product well immediately before using. Notes - it is normal that clumps may form in the product, and product aquarium have an earthy smell or off water could become cloudy cloudiness remain for many hours after using. Of course, you will need an excellent aquarium salt mix, such as bright well Marine and purified tap water.

A good grade of the following test kits: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH. A word about substrates: most aquarium bacteria and certainly those in microbacter-startxlm live on substrates, that is, they attach themselves to surfaces of rocks, piping any other are available. Freezing can kill the bacteria storage : although product withstand elevated temperatures for short periods of time a few days, best longevity and highest potency, keep below 80 f if possible, it will be kept refrigerated at 50. 3 inches 4.

6 out of 5 stars 199 ratings why buy from . Trusted seller, great feedback quick shipping and tracking huge discounts excellent returns policy the best customer service not happy. Most modern aquariums do not have enough surface area. At a minimum, you will need 1. Do not freeze.

Wet cycled live rock or even previously man made will work fine. Rapid reduction of ammonia, and nitrite a bottle bright well erase-cl to remove all chlorine or chlorine's if you skip this, can kill the bacteria in microbacter-startxlm. Microbacterstart xlm, live nitrifying bacteria, 15x strength, rapidly establishes nitrification bio filtration in saltwater, reef fish tank or aquarium re-establishes during emergencies, 2 liter product features super concentrated suspension of non-pathogenic microbes, specifically formulated to extremely establish biological new set-ups, and enhance the rate existing systems. Bright well recommends that you provide plenty of bacterial surface area, either through porous natural aconite live rock, or by providing additional filtration media, such as our sport media which has the highest area per unit volume any medium in world, less expensive microbacter lattice.

Product specifications package dimensions : 9. Particularly useful in Aquarius with high population densities and when adding new fish. If the product arrives frozen, then thaw at room temperature, never microwave. Before you get started, will need: an appropriately sized bottle of microbacter-startxlm.

Microbacter-startxlm 15x is a highly concentrated, selective complex of live, extremely effective microbes and enzymes that rapidly reduces the concentrations organic nitrogen - i. For example, if you have a 100% gallon tank, will need minimum of 120 ml microbacter-startxlm. Helpful to re-establish nitrifying bacteria after cleaning rocks and surfaces use of medications. Even though this product is extremely potent, it may be overdosed at up to 5 times the rated dosage during aquarium upsets.

This product will usually withstand a freeze or two in transit the winter, but do not freeze, thaw, thaw. It should be your first choice to remove ammonia during emergencies where the filter has been inadvertently killed or under overcrowding. It quickly removes toxic ammonia and nitrite naturally through non pathogenic nitrifying bacterial action. Do not use live sand and particularly dry seeded artificial rock.

Bright well recommends that you not use any other type of bacteria product until your cycle with this is complete. Use of microbacter-startxlm does not alleviate the requirement for regular partial water changes to help maintain proper concentrations elements that are vital long-term health and survival aquarium inhabitants.



  • brand: Brightwell Aquatics
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