0400514403 0400514379 Bluetooth Aquarium Algae Remover Fish Water Tank Cleaning Grass

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Product Attributes: mpn=0400514403, model=0400514379, country/region of manufacture=china, mode=water grass, fish, shrimps, product=chihiros doctor, use for=aquarium cleaning tools, type=fish, version=3th touch version 4th bluetooth version, function 1=aquarium algae cleaner, function 2=inhibit algae growth, function 3=kill bacteria, function 4=can coexist with beneficial bacteria, material=plastic, brand=unbranded, sku=9506242732309341, types=water remover tank

0400514403 Water Remover Tank Description

0400514403 0400514379 Bluetooth Aquarium Algae Remover Fish Water Tank Cleaning Grass
0400514403 Unbranded Bluetooth Aquarium Algae

Killing crustacean pathogens automatically kills pathogens in water every hour through direct and indirect sterilization, greatly improving the survival rate of juveniles. Product description : name: 3th 4th chihiros doctor product size: 5/8. Can coexist with beneficial bacteria no residual poisons, minimal impact on aerobic bacteria. Relying on strong bactericidal ability can effectively kill pathogens 4.

Excellent control algorithms greatly facilitate the use of consumers. Unlike the continuous operation of UV products, this product has little effect on beneficial bacteria in aquarium and filter. Inhibit the initial reproduction and growth of plant plankton activate trace elements in water to promote aquatic plants promote plants activate photosynthesis stabilize ecological environment aquarium 2. It has a strong effect on inhibiting the occurrence of green algae and promoting growth aquatic plants.

5 cm voltage: 110v-240vpower adapter: us plug EU UK Au if you need other types, please leave a message after ordering or contact directly. According to the aquarium environment automation setting algorithm according initial, medium and final ecological of aquarium, different bactericidal intensity operation cycle are used stages. 5cm reactor size: 6/8. Package included: 1 x set of algae inhibitor device or replacement reactor.

Model : touch screen version bluetooth app function: aquarium algae cleaner inhibit sterilizer for plants three mode: water grass, fish, shrimps features product features 1.

0400514403 Water Remover Tank Specifications


  • mpn: 0400514403
  • model: 0400514379
  • brand: Unbranded
  • sku: 9506242732309341


  • country/region of manufacture: China
  • mode: Water Grass, Fish, Shrimps
  • product: Chihiros Doctor
  • use for: Aquarium Cleaning Tools
  • type: Fish
  • version: 3th Touch Version 4th Bluetooth Version
  • function 1: Aquarium Algae Cleaner
  • function 2: Inhibit Algae Growth
  • function 3: Kill Bacteria
  • function 4: Can Coexist With Beneficial Bacteria
  • material: Plastic
  • types: Water Remover Tank


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  • type: Flat
  • to: Worldwide
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